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Family Participation

We encourage parents to stay engaged throughout the day, and we want to keep phone scrolling to a minimum. Parents can engage with our offerings as they wish. Keep in mind that your presence may affect the flow of the activity. It is best not to inject our adult attitudes into kid-led clubs. If you are a support person for an offering try to stay nearby and read a book, paint, work on a craft, stretch, or do a crossword puzzle, but be ready to stop what you’re doing and offer your support/attention when it is needed. 

Be mindful about socializing with other adults. We don’t want to discourage socializing per say, but keep in mind that co-op is a time for us to be at the ready to give our full attention to supporting the kids’ learning when needed. It is also a time for kids to see us engaged in our own activities as well. We encourage parents to bring resources from home to keep them engaged, books, projects, crafts. Be open and happy to share and answer questions about what you’re doing with the kids, this is how we learn!

Engage with other people’s children. Play a board game with a kid you don’t know, run a race with a group of kids on the playground. We hope to unleash the playful spirits of kids and adults alike. We want this to be a warm, inviting environment where people can learn by engaging with a diverse group of people of all ages.


Bring a Co-op Friend!

We are not a drop-off co-op. We are a member-led co-op and we do not have paid staff to take responsibility for anyone’s children. Each child in attendance must have an adult there taking responsibility for their safety and providing their support. You are welcome to “bring a co-op friend”, meaning that at any time, if your family and another co-op family chooses to do so, the parent/adult from one family can be the adult responsible for the children from both families while at co-op. Both families must be registered, have paid tuition, and have completed all required paperwork. This is accepted as long as each family continues to contribute fairly to the co-op and meets their Member Expectations.

Member Expectations

Below is a list of specific member expectations that we ask of each family. Please go over these with each person (including children) who will be attending co-op. This helps keep everyone engaged, accountable, respected, and included in our co-op:

  1. Actively Participate! Give assistance as needed with daily clean-up, Offerings, special activities, and events
  2. Facilitate a rich learning environment. The unschooling philosophy does not equal indifference/inaction on the part of the parent. We encourage adults to participate when requested by our students. For example, when the students put on a show and ask adults to attend, please do.  If a child asks you to visit their fort, please enthusiastically visit! Additionally, we are all good at something and by offering to help and teach others, we create a diverse learning environment for all to share.
  3. Contribute to the safety of our members. You are responsible for ensuring the safety of your own children and children in your care. In addition, please use common sense in safety matters. For example, if you see a student throwing rocks at others, please intervene.  Perhaps ask the student to throw in a different direction or otherwise redirect the activity so that all involved are safe. Especially be aware when it comes to children accessing the river. All children must be directly supervised by an adult when accessing the river.
  4. Be considerate, inclusive and respectful. Respect the personal space and belongings of others and practice asking for consent before we touch anyone’s body or personal things. We also ask that members work together to help everyone feel included and safe.
  5. Do not disrupt offerings/activities. Be respectful of the learning of others by not disrupting offerings or activities while in progress. 
  6. Communicate. Join our private Discord server, and participate in communication online and in-person.